She sat alone listening to the air As a smile came across her face It was different not difficult  But still recently foreign to her The smile was still paired with tears Tears that were no longer sour For the first time she was not sad that it ended But gracious for the experience She…

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A Few Words About Feminism

What is feminism? I believe feminism is more than believing women and men are equals. It has to also deal with having an understanding that not only can women do anything that men can do, but they also have the choice to not do it as well. If a women decides that she wants to be a…

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For Me

What do you want from me. My life choices are my own. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes. I have spent my life in the safe zone. Never taking chances. Never going after what I truly wanted. Never did what people told me to, I did what I thought they wanted so they never had…

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Letting Go

And just like that it was over. There was nothing left to say or do. All the love, memories, and moments shared. It had came to an end and life went on. Separated by distance and time as Alicia once said. Except no one was waiting, it was time to let go

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Holding on

There it was again. The fear that it was gone. It may never come back. Walk away or apologize. This maybe have been the first time. It could also be the last It might be something to hold on to. Forever. Or never. Holding on, fearful she’ll never be in love again.

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