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Black Panther Matters

Black Panther… if you are one social media you have probably heard a lot about this infamous film. If you have not seen the film yet, I want to say that you should give it a try. This film means so much it has turned into a bit of a movement. I believe that the…

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I am Haitian – American!

Dear World, Stop calling me African- American! There is nothing that boils my skin more than someone assuming I am something that I am not. I know some Americans may think that the politically correct term for calling someone of my skin tone is African-American, but I am here to say that you are wrong. Yes, it may…

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I really don’t like trolls.  Now I’m not talking about the cute little movie, or the dolls us 90s kids would collect when we were younger. No, I am not talking about actual trolls that live under bridges (yes, I think they’re real, maybe extinct but also a conversation for a different time) I am…

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My Reaction to 13 Reasons Why

It’s as simple as this…you ever watch something, a movie, a TV show, or maybe listen to a new song and you have this weird reaction on you. The kind where you walk around for days just thinking about it. Yeah, that happens to me a lot, but most recently from watching 13 Reason Why.…

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Dear Mr. Trump

I dont know what type of President you will be. I don’t even know where you truly stand on important issues or where you get your secretive ISIS information that apparently only goes to you. What I do know is that you have no respect for women and minorities. You are an egoistic bigotry and…

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